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We are offer cloning product that is effective for "making" new orchids. Keikis are baby orchids and this formula makes it easy to create a new keiki either from the base or from a node on a bloom spike ( more typical ). The new baby will be genetically identical to the parent or source plant, and it is about the simplest way we know of to get a new baby just like the original.

We send instructions for use with each plastic jar and the amount you get goes a long way. Just a very small dab is required to get the process going and formation usually begins in a matter of weeks!

Store in a cool, dry place.

The ideal conditions for keiki production:

1. Proper timing in the growth cycle of the plant. For example, Green Keiki balsam should be applied only after the last flower on the stem has opened fully.

2. Temperature should be warm-at least 20 degrees C (70 degrees F).

3. Avoid stress from improper water supply. The pH should be around 5.5 to 6.5.

4. Fertilizer. In conjunction with above, feed high nitrogen during the period of Green Keiki balsam application at about 200 ppm.

5. The relative humidity is important. The cell differentiation and root development work best in a fairly high humidity. If you are growing on a windowsill you should provide extra humidity for keiki development by misting, plastic curtains, plastic bag, etc. It is true that severe stress on a plant will cause it to produce keikis on its own, without the addition of hormones, but our purpose is to provide keikis without causing undue stress on the mother plant.

6. Apply Green Keiki balsam only on healthy plant. If the plant is weakened - the use of the Green Keiki balsam can kill the plant.

Green Keiki balsam optimized for Phalaenopsis treatment, but it can work on other orchids. We have many reports of successful application to plants other than Phalaenopsis. Most successful are:

- development of multiple leads on cattleyas;

- breaking of dormancy of such plants as Cycnoches or Catesetums when they have apparently failed to come back into growth (this has also been successful with other plants such as caudex succulents);

- producing multiple flowers on papilio spikes, equitants, and dendrobiums.

We are quite aware that many of these phenomena occur without the use of plant regulators, but this merely emphasizes the facts that we are really only giving an extra boost to what is a perfectly natural occurrence.

Green Keiki balsam has been successfully applied to such plants as Mahonia, Ilex, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Crotons, African Violets, roses, and medicinal plants for the production of stem props. Since the hormones are common to most plants, there may be application to virtually any plant with adventitious or dormant buds.

Can cytokinins ( major component of Green Keiki balsam) and auxins (root growing hormone) be applied together?

Absolutely not. Cytokinins are anti-auxins and auxins are anti-cytokinins. Appling both hormons together could kill your plant.

The hormones in Green Keiki balsam (cytokinins) are root inhibitors and if excess has been applied, root development may be restricted. If roots do not appear after healthy leaves have developed, warm up the plant (over 20C / 70 F.) and remove the excess Green Keiki balsam carefully with a tissue. Be careful not to damage the partially formed keiki.

The shelf-life of Green Keiki balsam is one year.
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