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Filler 15x15x15 mm white 0.5 L


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GekoWeb filler can be used alone and in combination with other components of the substrates.
In addition to the basic advantages of the material GekoWeb as substrate, properties such as flexibility, elasticity and structure of three-dimensional network of the GekoWeb filler give an advantage over other materials.
It clearly holds the roots of plants and orchid does not jump in the pot, which significantly reduces the risk of damage and even break the plant when watering.
Light creasing and property easily and quickly recover form allows you to easily repot the plant, which significantly reduces the amount of damage the plants and roots, and consequently reduces the stress and recovery time after stress.
Black GekoWeb is more dense and heavy material then white. It more suitable for plants with thin roots like Bulbos, Oncidium group, Tolumnias and so on. The white is less dense, more flexible and has biggest holes between fibers and more suitable for plants with thick roots like Cattleas, Phalaenopsis and so on.
GekoWeb is analog of two other well known products: EpiWeb and EcoWeb. We should say, GekoWeb is not EpiWeb or EcoWeb. This is original product similar to two other.
• Ensures good root aeration
• Prevents rotting
• Prevents excess acidity
• Prevents soil pests
• PH neutral
• Made from non-decomposing material.
• Has a low salinity and easy to rinse and clean.
• Easy to plant in and makes the plant stand steady in the pot.
• Easy to water.
• Protects roots in block/slabs cultivating. Roots grow inside material instead of on top of.
• Prolongs time to replant. No replanting due to decomposed substrate.
• No unwelcome disturbance of the plant while exchanging decomposed substrate.
• Could be mixed with every kind of substrate or used as the only material.
• Creates a microclimate around roots with lots of oxygen and moisture.
• 100% Toxic free
• Green. Made of 100% recycled plastic.

Info about material
Material description
Made from Polyetylentereftalat (PET) - is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family and is used in synthetic fibers; beverage, food and other liquid containers.
PET was patented in 1941 by John Rex Whinfield, James Tennant Dickson and their employer the Calico Printers' Association of Manchester. The PET bottle was patented in 1973 by Nathaniel Wyeth.
Material characteristics
• PET is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs water from its surroundings.
• Practically insoluble in water
• Melting point 260 °C
• Elastic limit 50–150%
• Water absorption (ASTM) 0.16
• Waterkeeping ability 76% of its own weight
• Salinity/conductivity 0-1 µS
• pH Neutral 7,0
• Weight 97 g/litre
• UV-resistance UV-solid
• Eco-Friendly
GekoWeb is Green
• GekoWeb manufactured from 100% recycled content.
• It’s comes from post consumer and industrial recycled waste.
• No phenol-formaldehyde resins are used in the binding process.
• Primary sources of material are recycled soda and water bottles.
  • Shipping Weight: 100lbs
  • 50 Units in Stock

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